Fukrey Returns- Entertainment level low


After the release of Fukrey in the year 2013, there were rumors about the Sequel of the movie that could be released the next year. But the same didn’t happen. The sequel of the movie “Fukrey Returns” has been released in 2017. The movie is not able to live up to the expectations of the audience and is failed to entertain the Indian audience.

The sequel is about a bunch of feckless Dilli fellows who get trapped in the web of a female don. The actors in the movie are same but in spite of having the talented hands like Richha Chadha and Pankaj Tripathi, the film is not able to retain our interest.

The Fukrey of 2013 at least brought a realistic Dilli ‘clony’, with its grinning local louts, and the boy in the neighborhood trying to impress the girl of a colony , the small cute fights on the terrace, the name Choocha (given by Samrat pulkit , to his friend), Lalli and Zafar (Fazal) who speaks the street lingo with conviction. The felling of the Fukreys in the clutches of Bholi Punjaban and their escape efforts was one another factor in the movie that kept them from sinking.

The scenario in the movie is much different. This time Chadha has a lot more screen time. The four fellows in the movie are once again up against Bholi, but the twist is Bholi herself has troubles of her own in the shape of a greedy neta (Gupta ) whose only ambition is to earn money and land

The movie could be fun for you if you see it in tiny bits. The scenes in which Chadha and Tripathi are seen vamping it up bring a real fun. The bare butts are bitten by snakes, a guy peeing is both seen and heard are some of the comical scenes in the movie that could make you laugh.