“The greatest showman”, by Michael Gracey is out for the People.


“The greatest showman” starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron has been released. The movie is running with quite popularity. Directed by Michael Gracey the movie is about American showman P. T. Barnum who founds the Barnum and Bailey circus. He was accused of being a fraud who solds fraud.  Barnum is depicted as a man who believes in giving every person a chance.

Jackman’s Barnum argues in the movie that “hyperbole isn’t the worst crime one can commit”. And the same goes with the greatest showman’s worst crime.

The hero is boy who is shown extremely poor. He marries a girl named Charity who unlike him belongs to an extremely rich family. They are blessed with two lovely girls in quick succession. He has a dream to put the show up all his life. He started the search for the people who can make his show a successful one, the people who when put on display could make the audience laugh. He is joined with an attractive partner in his venture as the filmmakers may have thought that Jackman may not be able to draw the younger audiences. This richer partner falls for an African-American trapeze artist in Barnum’s troupe later in the movie.

One of the most entertaining characters in the movie is that of Lettie, a woman singer with facial hair. In addition to her, you will find a 22 years old Dwarf who used to hide out in his mother’s home acting brilliantly in the movie. Lettie in the movie is given the shortest shrift. She is seen in the movie’s most passionate song of the movie “This is me “.

Although, Barnum constantly faces the problem of being an outcast in the high society as his circus was mostly visited by the low class people, he remains to be positive throughout the movie.

So all these events  in the movie shows the high notes in the life of a man who constantly put his efforts to stage a better show for his audience.