Horror K-drama Revenant completes one year: 5 reasons which makes it a cult classic

Revenant is available for streaming on Disney+.


The folklore-based horror series Revenant, starring Kim Tae Ri, debuted on June 23, 2023. The drama quickly established itself as one of the greatest esoteric masterpieces. Let’s examine some of the factors that have contributed to this drama’s extraordinary success as we mark one year of its premiere.

Revenant had all it needed to be the ideal occult thriller, which it was, from the captivating premise to the enthralling performance of the incredibly brilliant actress Kim Tae Ri.

1. An engrossing plot with myriad terrors

The protagonist of the story is Gu San Young, a diligent young lady (Kim Tae Ri). She works multiple jobs, including delivery and chauffeuring, to support her mother who is divorced. San Young’s father “takes his own life” in his home, where he used to live with his mother after his wife fled with the daughter, amidst the already difficult days.

Knowing that her father would have wanted her to have the old braided headband, San Young’s grandma gives her a gift of it when the mother and daughter attend the father’s burial. At this point, everything becomes illogical. She touched the headpiece, and ever since, she’s been seeing strange things.

2. A good pace needed for horror series

Even while many would contend that Revenant lags at times, it’s safe to say that the show is best described as a slow burn, therefore it makes sense to develop the plot points gradually. This excellent occult work, as many critics have noted, genuinely explores the backstory of the evil spirit that invaded San Young’s body and has the perfect pace and number of episodes (16).

3. Masterful performance by actors

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Unquestionably one of the best actresses in the Korean film industry, Kim Tae Ri’s performances showcase her polished abilities in the drama. At times, she assumes the persona of Gu San Young, a lady attempting to flee the malevolent spirit; at other times, she merges with the spirit, intent on destroying everything and everyone.

Oh Jung Se, who lands a significant starring part for once, is joining her. In the film, he plays Yeom Hae Sang, a professor of folklore. Lee Hong Sae (Hong Kyung), a police detective and San Young’s senior in high school, joins this unexpected alliance. He finds himself following clues that lead him into the center of all that is going on with San Young while he looks into a spate of insane suicides in the city.

4. Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se’s synergy

Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se are excellent in their roles. The pacing of these two outstanding main performers is flawlessly balanced, and their on-screen exchange comes across as real and genuine.

5. Jaw-dropping cinematography

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Cinematography is a crucial component in creating a sense of anxiety in the minds of spectators in any horror flick.The cinematography team makes sure that viewers are trembling like a leaf during the few jump scares that Revenant offers.

The show also has far too many night sequences, especially the wet ones, which are beautifully composed in low light to highlight the beauty of the night.