Is there a connection between new K-drama Good Partner and Jang Nara’s divorce rumor?

Fortunately, her fans, who were initially taken aback by the news, have since learned that these speculations are untrue.


After just two years of marriage, actress Jang Nara—who is well-known for her roles in K-dramas such as Sell Your Haunted House, Go Back Couple, and My Happy Ending—was in the headlines for divorce rumors recently.

Link traced after Good Partner’s press conference 

Jang Nara and Nam Ji Hyun to star in the upcoming drama ‘Good Partner’

On July 10th, there were a lot of rumors going around in internet communities that Jang Nara was getting a divorce after two years of marriage. The actress started following the account of a divorce lawyer, which heightened speculation.

Jang Nara actually chose to follow the lawyer on social media because of an upcoming acting gig. She sought guidance and insights from experts in the field as she prepared to play a divorce lawyer in the upcoming drama Good Partner.

She also expressed her respect for her spouse, highlighting his steadfast assistance with her professional endeavors. She disclosed that he played a crucial role in acquainting her with the Good Partner team and frequently assisted her with preparation by reading and debating scripts at home.

The actress also expressed her appreciation to SBS, thanking them for introducing her to her husband, a camera team member, and for enabling her to take on difficult roles like VIP.

Jang Nara Wedding: Jang nara's groom is 6 years younger than her!

About Jang Nara’s private wedding

Jang Nara married in an intimate ceremony on June 26, 2022, in Seoul’s Bonelli Garden, with her family and close friends in attendance. Her close friend Park Kyung Lim hosted the event. To commemorate the couple’s union, Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE, who costarred with Jang Nara in Sell Your Haunted House, sang the song Love Light during the ceremony.