IU turns 31: 5 terrific roles played by the star in k-dramas

Notably, IU had the most number-one hits and weeks at the top of the chart in 2014 when Billboard recognized them as the top artist on their K-pop Hot 100.


One of the most beloved characters in South Korean entertainment is Lee Ji Eun, also known as IU. As an actress and singer-songwriter, she has left a lasting impression on audiences all around her native country. With her relatable demeanor, IU has gained recognition as Korea’s sweetheart.

Let’s look back at some of the actress-turned-idol’s many roles in K-dramas as she approaches her 31st birthday.

Hotel del Luna

The menacing CEO of the doomed Hotel Del Luna, Jang Man Wol (IU), is a formidable and stylish figure. She doesn’t apologize for her fortune or her opulent lifestyle. But Man Wol discovers that the repercussions of her previous transgressions have bound her. Her journey has not been simple; having been raised as an orphan by robbers, she is now responsible for overseeing a haunted hotel for a millennium. IU’s portrayal of this cynical heroine, who hides her vulnerabilities beneath a proud and frigid exterior, makes the viewer feel sympathy.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

In an attempt to save a child who is drowning, Hae Soo (IU) nursed her heartbreak by the sea, only to be pulled deeper and deeper into the water. Abruptly, she finds herself transferred as a sixteen-year-old girl back to the Goryeo dynasty. She is drawn to the gentle prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) there, but she quickly gets caught up in rivalries and politics within the royal family. Complications ensue as she falls for the lonely and brooding prince Wang Soo (Lee Joon Gi). Season 2 is still highly anticipated by its devoted fan base, demonstrating its ongoing influence.

My Mister

My Mister, which stars IU as Lee Ji An, is a touching story about a young woman overcoming adversity. Ji An, who was raised in extreme poverty, has struggled her entire life. She has worked a lot of part-time jobs to support herself while taking care of her sick grandma. She is strong, yet she also suffers from persistent depression. Then comes Park Dong Hoon, played by the late Lee Sun Kyun, who is a kind and optimistic office worker. Touched by Ji An’s sharp words, he offers assistance whenever he can. Ji An receives altruistic support that causes her to undergo a change.

Dream High

Dream High chronicles the aspirations of six kids from various backgrounds who become friends at Kirin Arts School and set out to succeed in the extremely competitive K-pop scene. Bae Suzy’s role as Go Hye Mi, a resolute individual, overcomes her initial failure in the audition to gain admission. juggling her wishes to become an opera singer with taking care of her younger sister and paying off her father’s debts. While Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun), a country musician, has a rare ailment. Disobedient and alienated from his father, the mayor, Jin Guk (Taecyeon) uses his persistent mischief to get attention. Baek Hee (Eun Jung), who was once shy, now faces up against Hye Mi, while Kim Pil Suk (IU), who has perfect pitch, battles self-consciousness over her looks.

The Producers

A budding legal career is abandoned by young producer Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun) to join KBS, lured by his obsession with Music Bank producer Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin). Nevertheless, Ye Jin’s deep-seated fears prevent him from liking 2 Days & 1 Night’s producer, Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun). Cindy (IU), a well-known vocalist with a stoic demeanor and a poker face to hide her actual feelings, joins the mix.Based on their individual experiences, every character cultivates unique survival instincts. As the obedient and unsophisticated rookie, Kim Soo Hyun excels, perfectly capturing his character’s development throughout the narrative. As for the multifaceted prima donna Cindy, IU gives a riveting performance, capturing the inner struggles of her character with ease.