Karwaan: A light hearted film to make you see the different aspects of life


Karwaan Story: Avinash (Dulquer), a sad soul stuck in a deadbeat job has an odd relationship with his dad. He thinks his father as the one who crushed his dreams and is now left contemplating upon this long standing hatred, when he gets to know about his dad’s sudden death.

Karwaan Review: The news of his dad’s sudden passing takes Avinash and his friend Shaukat (Irrfan) from Bengaluru to Kochi, a trip that gives them an opportunity to explore their lives.

Sometimes getting lost is what makes you discover new things; This lies at the core of Karwaan. Not all trips twist up the way you’d envisioned, but then, they place things into perspective, be it life or relationships. The film feels a great deal like that. It begins off as an incoherent, bumpy ride that takes multiple unwanted detours, before finding its true calling.

Shot over the most lovely places in South India, Karwaan sets aside its opportunity to connect the dots and disclose the dilemmas that haunt its three distinct characters — Avinash (Dilquer), Shaukat (Irrfan) and Tanya (Mithila). You don’t right away connect with them, nor they to each other, as the close-knit intimate human interaction and confrontation you expect in the story comes much later.

Life is a journey, filled with unexpected miracles, hurdles and detours — ‘Karwaan’ is just that. The film starts with a bumpy ride, taking multiple detours as it travels from Bengaluru to Kochi. The three distinct characters — Avinash, Shaukat and Tanya (Palkar) — a teenager the duo meet en route, strike a chord with each other because of their unexplored relationships with their parents.

What at that point makes this odd adventure worth watching are the roles played by Dulquer, Mithila and Irrfan. You absolutely get the promotion around DQ, the Malayalam heartthrob who makes his debut in a Hindi film. The actor’s awesome screen presence and sincerity, makes people urge bollywood to take advantage of his ability.

Karwaan probably won’t be the exciting ride you anticipated that it would be, yet it leaves you with a warm fluffy feeling in the heart that says all’s well that ends well.