Lisa gives a sneak peek of her new single on TikTok; blinks swamps comment section

Most of the comments were about how “good” the song sounded and how it would be nothing short of “fire.”


Fans are buzzing about Lisa from BLACKPINK since she shared a sneak peek of her upcoming solo comeback song. In a June 13 TikTok video, Lisa enthralled fans with a glimpse of the song “Baby, I’m a Rockstar” along with her elegant demeanor.

The K-pop singer shared a mesmerizing video on her TikTok that featured her wearing a miniskirt and a chic white shirt against the backdrop of a calm seaside resort. The BLINK fanbase is ecstatic as they see Lisa say the words “Baby, I’m a rockstar,” set to a throbbing beat, in this teaser video.

Lisa’s latest engagements

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Fans went crazy when Lisa from BLACKPINK released a tantalizing teaser of her upcoming solo album earlier this month. “LISA ‘Coming Soon’,” the June 6th statement teased a solo project that will be released soon. She also gained notoriety when she launched her solo account on TikTok with a chic flourish.

Lisa has dabbled in acting and is getting ready to make her screen debut in the 2025 release of the HBO series The White Lotus. Her recent social gatherings with well-known performers, such as DJ Snake, Rosalía, and Destiny Rogers, have kept her in the public eye.