Loveyatri: A rom-com with the touch of Garba


Loveyatri Story: Imagine a guy, whose only motive/ passion in life is to teach garba to kids in Vadodra! That’s Sushrut’s (Aayush Sharma) for you. However this time, the 9-day Navratri celebration changes his life as he falls head over heel in love with Michelle (Warina Hussain) and does all that he can do to win her.

Loveyatri Review: Sushrut or ‘Susu’ as he’s affectionately called, is an unambitious guy, whose only interest is to move his life away. He continually faces pressure from his family to find a ‘genuine’ job, while he dreams opening his own garba institute in Vadodara. Over to the United Kingdom; Michelle is at the highest point of her class, yet she wishes to come back to her homeland in India. Her dad (Ronit Roy) reluctantly concurs; they touch base in Baroda and stretch out their stay to celebrate Navratri on the request of his Gujarati family. Amid the ‘festival of dance’, Susu begins to look all starry eyed at Michelle at first sight and falls in love with her.

‘LoveYatri’ is a sure shot romantic tale – nothing more. The directors unmistakably set out to make a sugary film, so they do that with eagerness and huge amounts of nostalgic interest. Debutant director Abhiraj Minawala avoids any risk by adhering to a tried and tested concept, mushy moments to create drama. The issue is that there are such a large number of sweet nothings in the middle of, and that doesn’t encourage an unambitious screenplay. The characters are good, yet the story doesn’t make you feel for them that bluntly! The songs in the film get exceptional compliments for catching the true spirit of garba. Vaibhavi Merchant’s choreography will make you shake a leg also.

It’s apparent that Aayush and Warina are new to the screen, however both have an enchanting screen presence with enough chemistry. Since the story expects them to be young lovers, this naiveté works to support them. Ronit Roy as Michelle’s dad and Ram Kapoor as Susu’s uncle, lead the charge to deal with the drama and intensity.

For an upfront review, the movie is surely a fresh-to-the-screen romance with a nice touch of drama and a lot of ‘GARBANESSSSS’. Do watch!