MasterChef Shipra Khanna


 Shipra Khanna- a winner of MasterChef India II, consultant, chef, author and an anchor for TV shows has consulted restaurants in India and abroad. Her specialty is global cuisine, baking, desserts and fusion food.

This young lady has been awarded “Women Chef taking taste beyond borders” by SAARC and SCWEC in Nepal and represents India. Shipra has been awarded “Himachali of the Year” and felicitated by the CM of Himachal Pradesh and Rotary International.

According to India Today, she is “the Youngest and one of the most Glamorous chefs in the world”. Her book “The Spice Route” 2014 is well-known book, which talks about her journey as a chef and also displays her unique art of cooking.

She has travelled across India and the globe discovering ingredients and cuisines for a dream book called the “Spice Trail” with her MasterChef travel to Switzerland, Singapore, Britain and the Mediterranean. She is the culinary connoisseur for “Tourism Australia” and Cox and Kings.

Shipra has done many shows in India and Internationally namely: Pure Sin, K for kids, Masterclass with Shipra Khanna, Flavours of Ramadan, Good Food Guide and Gourmet cooking with Chef Shipra Khanna.

Shipra also has her own YouTube channel called “Shipra’s Kitchen”.

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