Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Raising the bar of the franchise with the most adventurous storyline and stunts


Story: The sixth entry to ‘Mission: Impossible’ sees Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt and his IMF team take on yet another mission against all the odds.

Some actors totally age like fine wine and in terms of the cinematic experience, the ‘Mission: Impossible’ series is an extraordinary example of the proverb. Maybe it has to do with the 56-year-old Tom Cruise who challenges age and pushes his physical limits for an enthralling screen presence? The answer will be pretty evident once you watch “Fallout”.

The story isn’t too new with its twists and turns. In any case, ‘Fallout’ figures out how to bring the most crucial and nail biting elements from the past series, other than including some new ones. Henry Cavill as August Walker fits totally into this world as Ethan Hunt’s go to partner or his second hand. His acting is sufficiently approaching to fill the whole screen at whatever point he shows up. Simon Pegg takes on the status of a series regular alongside Ving Rhames, whose Benji and Luther respectively play more than just mere sidekicks as they add comic levity and heart. Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett also make a mark in their brief appearances but watch out for impactful turns by Rebecca Ferguson and Michelle Monaghan along the way.

Writer and Director Christopher McQuarrie enables each character to sparkle while expanding on their history with each other, in this manner making them endearing to the audience. McQuarrie likewise gives the story a chance to breathe by bringing some calm before all hell breaks loose. Which prompts the most pivotal part of the series, and one that McQuarrie obviously exceeds expectations at in this film – the action sequences.

Not exclusively are they fastidiously arranged; they are executed with precision, adding tons to the excitement.

McQuarrie has now directed two ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies; his understanding of the franchise and its characters turns out to be the mystery weapon of the series.The fact that the stunts are largely done with practical effects featuring the cast, and most conspicuously Cruise himself, sets a radical new standard for action films. ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ is an awesome blend of plot, pacing and actions that is certainly the best part of the movie, while making Cruise the action hero!