“Monsoon Shootout” film, Nawazuddin in a lead


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s starrer Monsoon Shootout has been finally released four years after it was shown at Cannes. The major advantage for the movie is that the actors in the movie especially Nawazuddin Siddiqui, have become quite a popular Bollywood celebrities within these four years. But at the same time the presence of the superstar with slightly deranged hoodlum, seems to be pick up from his previous films like Raman Raghav 2.0.

This movie too is based on the same theme .Anurag kashyap who co produced the movie has shown the intersecting lines between police and criminals that change on both sides.

Amit Kumar, the director of the movie has wrote the story himself which is about an idealistic cop, a wanted criminal, and the Mumbai monsoon. The story is all about the choices we made in life and the consequences we reach after choosing our paths.

There are a number of shots in the movie that could be found in almost every gangster-police theme based Hindi movies. One such episode that could be related to any half decent Bollywood film is about corrupt politicians, compromised police and canny small dons.  The scene was between Adi (varma) in that alleyway, facing Shiva (Siddiqui) with a gun in his hand. He has a choice to make, a decision that could change his entire line of carrier. He is in a dilemma to shot or not to shot Shiva.

The storyline takes 3 different routes from the alleyway.  Later in the movie one would sympathies with Aid’s boss khan (Kabi), his friend Anu (Thapa) and Shiva’s wife (Tannishtha), the three main characters of the story.