Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: Splendidly romantic and richly satisfying



In a successful attempt to attain maturity in the direction, Johar has tried switching to realism than fantasies. The anchors to the success are undoubtedly the characters who gave a new definition to the more or less predictable story. Sharing the love for the Bollywood songs of 80s, Ayan (Ranbir) and Alizeh (Anushka)finds common factors to talk about and thereby develop a core bond of friendship that ultimately find its way towards romance and an intimately affectionate love for Ayan.

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With the involvement of the exes, new found love and other short time appearances, Johar has tried to unwind the story in a beautiful attempt where he puts the lead pair in situations so as to test them for their feelings and emotional status about each other.

Irrevocable factors of a typical Karan johar’s movie  like the sarcastic presentation of the seemingly serious situations, light humor and the characters avoiding to wear their hearts on their sleeves becomes one of those innumerable reasons that would magnetize the audience towards the theatre.

The songs had always been the USP of Dharma Production and so are they in this specific movie. Pritam with his stupendo fantabulous music has brought a spark which would convince you to dance on the beats.

Aishwarya in her modern and edgy look and the character of the Urdu poet did not leave any stone unturned to engrave her name in the hearts and minds of the audience. Remarkably a phenomenal actor, she proved herself in the matter of few minutes and minimal lines.

It is assured that despite of some uncertain flaws in the movie; the sessions of emotional trauma faced by the characters will make you cry your eyes out.

I’m going with Three and Half out of five for ADHM.