The stunning cinematography captures the mountains in SHIVAAY



Stowed with action sequences, fully fledged melodrama and an emotional bounded story running in the backdrop is what “Shivaay” is all about. Story seems to be echoing the plot of “Taken”.

Although breaking the lineage, “Shivaay” is not just a typical action thriller with sequences of smashing motorbikes, hanging of the cliffs, tussle with the car chase and stuff rather it also portrays the relationship between the single parent and the child in the parallel. The louring episodes of international child trafficking in a way helped in the progression of the story.


Despite of some breath-taking action sequences the film unfolds the story in quite a tedious manner. Failing in its attempt to maintain the suspense and mystery, the movie could hardly engage the audience.

The story talks about an 8 year old mute daughter of Shivaay, played by Ajay Devgan, who gets kidnapped on a trip to Bulgaria and the story thereafter where Ajay is seen making attempts to rescues her by hook or crook.

Most of the supporting characters seem to be filler in a story that increases the time span of the movie. A 2 hours 52 minutes long minutes long talkie has unwanted characters stuffed at unnecessary places serving no purpose at all. Innumerable forsaken elements sometimes appear to overshadow the central plot and hence justice to the story seems to be compromised.


Without a strong script it seems impossible to pull off the story but an exceptionally talented actor like Ajay very well succeeded in diving into the veins of the character he is playing. Even after the exaggerated action sequences and fighting scenes were the lead actor survives every bullet and punch, Ajay persuaded everyone to believe on what he is feeling.

The movie could have been better with a more thoughtful script under the direction of sharper director.

I’m going with Three and Half out of five for SHIVAAY.