Just Go To Hell Dil from Dear Zindagi is a song that we are sure everyone will relate to.


Dear Zindagi’s latest song Just Go To Hell Dil is out and it is amazing. This song is sung by Sunidhi. Yes! Sunidhi chauhan is back guys! She’s Alia Bhatt’s voice in the Just Go To Hell Dil.

Just Go To Hell Dill song, A lot of youngsters might be able to relate to it. Alia Bhatt is seen in a depressed and irritable mood after a break up and she breaks things to release her anger. Alia nailed it with her expressions, she cries, screams her heart out and gets lost in her own world while she’s being driven around in the city or anywhere. She tries to console herself that everything will be okay, when she knows nothing is right.

This song displays a very real side of depression and pain. In the next scene you see is Alia lands in Goa and meets Jug aka SRK and you can see how her state of mind changes in the song. The tears dry up and she finally wears a smile on her face.

While Love You Zindagi is already on hitting charts up, this is the kind of song that you can loop with a book and a cup of coffee and say Just Go To Hell Dil.