Who would win a fight between Thor and Wonder Woman? Gal Gadot asked Chris Hemsworth


Gal Gadot known for fast and furious series is basking in the success of her recently released Wonder Woman and the actor now thinks her superhero character Wonder Woman is ready to take on Marvel’s Thor, played by Actor Chris Hemsworth.

The Israeli beauty plays Wonder Woman in her own new DC Comics movie and will also reprise her role in the upcoming movie Justice League.

During an interview with Katie Couric, the actor was asked who would in a battle between Thor and Wonder Woman.

“They ask me, who would win? Wonder Woman or Thor? And I think it’s Wonder Woman. Don’t you, Chris?” Gadot said in a video posted by Couric on her Twitter account.

Responding to Gadot’s clip, Thor aka Hemsworth, who portrays the prince of Asgard in Marvel movies tweeted, “I think she’d kick Thor’s a**.”

Gadot wrote back, “I always knew you were a smart guy. But I think it’s worth a fight. We should collide worlds.”

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