Arijit Singh new single casts Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi


It was the first time that Arijit Singh collaborated with Bhushan Kumar, for an album ‘Jaani Ve’, which released recently. The album produced by the Bhushan came out on the internet with a music video that features Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi. The song titled “Pachtaoge” sees the two actors live out a tragic relationship. The song is an extensive amalgamation of musical choices (which truly compliment each other).

The video puts both the actors of Bollywood opposite each other in a relationship in which Fatehi’s character conspires with the man she is seeing on the side to kill Kaushal’s character. The ‘Uri’ actor plays the unhappy lover who is abandoned and shows off his emotional range in the short span of time the video lasts. Also, the makers have put Fatehi’s talents as a dancer to good use in emotional sequences set to Singh’s music.

As a whole, the video, and song together are a bit sullen. No surprise there though, as they deal with themes like affairs, death and telling a loved one that they will miss you when you are gone. And, also you can never question Arijit’s talent. It is amazing to see how the song stands out amidst the many love songs released this monsoon.

Arijit Singh, who is known for his soulful voice and versatility is mainly, is mainly regarded for his work as a playback singer. His partnership with Bhushan Kumar and lyricist Jaani to release a single without a film is an example of how he became famous.

But not to forget, apart from the melodious voice of Arijit and superb work done by Bollywood actors, even the lyrics by Jaani, music by B Praak, are great.