Must watch Korean movies based on true events

These movies are more realistic because they center on bizarre cases, well-known people, and other subjects. 


Some South Korean movies are based on true stories and events. The top ten Korean films that are based on true stories are listed below.


Film Review 'Silenced': How An Unjust System Failed The Survivors Of Sexual & Physical Abuse | Feminism in India

Silenced is based on Gong Ji Young’s book The Crucible, which is based on actual events that happened in the early 2000s. It narrates the tale of a recently hired art instructor in a deaf school. Despite his best efforts, these students consistently shun him and look distant from him. That is, until he learns of the horrible acts committed against the children.

A Taxi Driver 

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The film takes place during South Korea’s political instability in the 1980s. A cab driver puts in a lot of effort to get money. After his wife died, he raised his daughter. A foreign client approaches him with an enormous payment offer. The true story of Korean cab driver Kim Sa Bok and German reporter Jürgen Hinzpeter is the basis for the film A cab Driver.

Road to Boston

Road to Boston (2023) - IMDb 

Set in the 1940s, Road to Boston is based on actual events. The narrative revolves around a liberated South Korea’s gold medal victory in the marathon. In the film, athlete Suh Yun Bok, who ran under the South Korean flag for the first time following the liberation of the nation from Japanese domination, is portrayed biographically.

The Chaser

The Chaser (2008) - IMDb

In The Chaser, a small prostitution ring is run by a former police officer. His female colleagues abruptly vanish, and he must find out the truth to save them. The Chaser draws inspiration from Yoo Young Chu, a real-life serial killer.

Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder: Trailer 1

The Hwaseong serial murder case serves as the basis for Memories of Murder. It narrates the tale of two mediocre local cops who decide to take on a case involving serial killings.

The Last Princess

The Last Princess (2016) - IMDb

The setting of The Last Princess is set colonial South Korea. Princess Deok Hye, the final princess of Korea, is the subject of the historical melodrama. She was abducted as a hostage in Korea during the Japanese occupation. The goal of freedom fighter Jang Han is to return their princess to Korea.

Han Gong Ju 

Han Gong-ju (2013) - IMDbBased on actual occurrences from the Milyang Junior High School case, Han Gong Ju was created for a cinematic experience. Han Gong Ju is compelled to shift to a new house and school as well as leave her current one. She is placed under the care of the mother of her former high school teacher.

Northern Limit Line

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When North Korea sent two patrol boats in the direction of the Northern Limit Line in 2002, a chain of events follow. The main subject of the movie is the naval disturbances along the maritime border in the Yellow Sea, close to Yeonpyeong Island. As the nation was enjoying the 2002 FIFA World Cup, there was an unexpected attack on a navy vessel.

Way Back Home

Way Back Home (2013)

The true story of a regular housewife who was wrongly accused of cocaine smuggling in Paris served as the inspiration for the film Way Back Home. A woman decides to take matters into her own hands and starts to smuggle jewels into Paris after realizing that her family is having financial difficulties.

My Father

My Father (2007) - IMDb 

My father is an insurance salesman who follows the real-life journey of Aaron Bates. An adopted kid travels to South Korea in quest of his biological father after deciding he wants to meet him. He finds out that his biological father is an executioner serving a death sentence.