Netflix Unleashes a Weekend Extravaganza: Sci-Fi Spectacle ‘Rebel Moon’ and Bradley Cooper’s Musical Marvel ‘Maestro’ Hit the Streaming Stage!

The highly anticipated sci-fi epic “Rebel Moon” and Bradley Cooper’s acclaimed biopic “Maestro” are among the big titles coming to Netflix this weekend.

“Rebel Moon” is a star-trotting epic about Kora, a lone-wolf soldier who finds community and connection on a quiet farming moon, while “Maestro” stars Bradley Cooper as the 20th-century musical icon and famed composer Leonard Bernstein.

With these and other exciting releases, Netflix subscribers have a lot of options to choose from to keep busy over the weekend while decorating and prepping for the holidays. Whether you’re in the mood for an old favorite, a sci-fi epic, or even a hilarious comedy special, there’s something for everyone! Awards season watchers will want to ensure “Maestro” is at the top of their watchlists this weekend. “Rebel Moon” will be streaming on Netflix on Dec. 21, and “Maestro” is also set to premiere this weekend.

So, get ready to hit the jump to hyperspeed and enjoy these exciting new releases on Netflix!