Ok Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun- starrer Let’s Fight Ghost clocks 8 years: 3 reasons to watch the horror comedy

Kim Ji Sun wrote the screenplay for the drama adaptation, which is helmed by Park Joon Hwa.


Bring It On, Ghost, also known as Let’s Fight, Ghost, is a webtoon that was first published on Naver between 2007 and 2010.

Kim Hyun Ji, portrayed by Kim So Hyun in the series, is a dedicated student whose life takes an unexpected turn when she passes away in an accident and resurrects as a ghost. She meets Park Bong Pal, portrayed by Ok Taecyeon, who can see spirits, after years of wandering. Bong Pal hears the ghosts’ complaints, occasionally battles the bad guys, and aids in their transition. Hyun Ji and Bong Pal go on exorcisms together and grow closer as they overcome the supernatural obstacles they encounter.

Let’s review the top 3 reasons to watch the eccentric series as it celebrates its eighth anniversary.

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Talented lead artists 

Kim So Hyun’s portrayal in this drama demonstrates her extraordinary skill. Her ability to skillfully combine poignant emotional nuance with precisely timed humor makes for an engrossing watch.

Ok Taecyeon, who plays Bong Pal, he is charming and genuine in his portrayal of a professional exorcist. He comes across Kim Hyun Ji, the wandering spirit, while he goes about his work at a haunted high school. Taecyeon does a really amazing job portraying this oddball but kind character.

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A blend of horror comedy and folk tales

Let’s Fight, Ghost is a teen-oriented retelling of the previous blockbuster Master’s Sun, featuring a charming summertime romance between Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon along with a hilarious ghost crime-fighting squad.

In addition, the program explores a number of Korean folktales that include ghosts like the water ghost and virgin ghost. While obligingly using the restroom in the first episode, Bong Pal runs into the Outhouse Goddess Cheuksin.

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The journey from being roommates to landing as a couple

Bong Pal meets Kim Hyun Ji, a wandering spirit, as a result of his extraordinary ability to see and battle ghosts. She convinces Bong Pal to let her stay with him because she believes he can help her find peace, and they unexpectedly become allies in the fight against ghosts. Their relationship grows stronger as they cohabitate and take care of one another, ultimately leading to love.