Rakhi Sawant shares health update after being hospitalised for tumor detection

In a health update to the public, the actress disclosed that she will soon be undergoing surgery to remove a 10-cm tumor from her uterus.


Rakhi Sawant has returned to Mumbai after spending a few months out of the spotlight. As soon as she was back in the Bay, the contentious actress began showing off to the photographers. After a handful of her hospital photos went viral, the actress made headlines with fans concerned about her health.

Using Ritesh Singh’s social media account, Rakhi Sawant updated her followers on her health once more. She also shared a video in which she discussed her impending operation and stated that it will take place tomorrow, May 18. Rakhi, who was wearing a hospital uniform, said she missed going out and socializing with others.

Ritesh gave a media appearance a few days ago and discussed her health. He said that Rakhi had a serious disease and required everyone’s help and well wishes.

Sourced from Ritesh Singh’s Instagram

Rakhi Sawant’s brother statement

Rakesh, brother of Rakhi Sawant, said in an interview with Telly Talk that his sister has been harassed a lot and that since their mother’s death, a lot of people have abandoned her, which has put her in financial difficulties.

He said that Adil Khan Durrani, her ex-husband, had bought off the police and media to highlight allegations against Rakhi. Adil had stolen all of her money, Rakesh disclosed, and numerous people had made demands for money from her.