Ranchi Diaries: A failed comedy thriller



Ranchi Diaries, starring Himansh Kohli and Taaha Shah, seems like a failed attempt of creating a comic thriller. The elements used in the movie, including political situations in Naxal prone areas, dark humour etc, it could have been made in a better way, but the direction failed to keep the audience engaged throughout.

The story of the movie speaks of a guy named Pinku (Taaha Shah) who leads a gang and runs a small food stall to earn his living. Himansh kohli, playing the role of Pinku’s close friend dreams to do something big in life and find his dream job but end up falling madly in love with Gudiya (Soundarya Sharma). Gudiya on the other hand is equally ambitious and wish to become a sensational singer someday.

Going out of the way, the three plans bank robbery things turn out to be against them as they get kidnapped by the Naxal bossman, inside the bank. To keep the story movie, another character of an honest-sincere cop, played by Jimmy Sheirgill, who investigate the case to find the actual robber.

Though the plot of the movie was quite interesting for a comic thriller, but Sattwik Monanty couldn’t do justice in bringing out the real essence through his writing. Though you will find bits and pieces of humour, but overall it will leave you confused.

As far as the styling of the lead characters is considered, it’s a blunder. Dwellers of a small city like Ranchi seem too overdressed and urban. The Bihari accent however manages to retain the actuality of the place; the story hardly feels to be moving.

When it comes to acting, Himansh’s as well as Soundarya’s performance is an eye sore. Himansh on one hand looks extremely disconnected due to his mannerism and dialect, Soundarya on the other hand seems to be glam-doll, unlike her character. Taaha Shah however manages to save the film in the best of his capacity but did no wonders. Jimmy Sheirgill will make you laugh in the role of an honest policeman who acts way better than others. Anupam Kher, who could have been used as an asset, appeared to be badly wasted.

At the end, the best advice would be to stay at home and wait for better releases on Diwali. Obviously you don’t want to waste your money on a film that would cause you nervous breakdown.