Raveena Tandon-starrer ‘Maatr’ leaves an everlasting impact | Trailer


There are some trailers that are entertaining, some intriguing, making us curious to watch the film. But, today we just saw the trailer of Raveena Tandor starrer ‘Maatr’. it’s neither gripping, nor engaging, but is something which hits even deeper, rocking you to the core.

This one leaves an impact and makes us question ourselves. It ask us to re-think are our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends safe in this country or not? Raveena Tandon makes a comeback with this film after a long, and it won’t be surprising if this one once again turns out to be her best performance.

Here’s the trailer-

Also, wait for the end of the trailer it gives a message, which though depressing, is sure to wake you up from the slumber that makes you turn a blind eye to something as painful and gruesome as rape. Watch it, and feel the pain.

Movie is slated to release on April 21, 2017.