Red Sparrow: Russian Seductress’ heart stealing performance fails to make the mark with the storyline


An accident that changed the faith of Ballerina Domenika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence) forever. The accident forced her to take up her uncle’s offer as she was left with no choice .Also she has to support her ailing mother. Therefore the dancer turned into a sparrow, a Russian seductress-spy who sexually manipulates her enemies and collects the information for the country.

She is given an assignment where she needs to befriend Nash a CIA agent (Joel Edgerton) who could further help her in the mission. The twist in the movie comes when she falls for Nash. The CIA agent tries to persuade her to be a double agent.

The movie is based on a spy novel by Jason Matthews, “Red Sparrow”. The movie looks gripping at many points. However, there are somewhat pointless thrillers that add no meaning to the movie. Every character introduced in the movie has a secret that he kept. So there is a suspense and paranoia that is maintained throughout the movie.

The point must be noted that the sexual sacrifices and manipulative games of Egorova seem inconsequential. Even the trading program that took out the sparrow out of a dancer ends up looking Dim witted instead of dangerous.”Your body belongs to the state now “said by the instructor in his stern voice will chuckle you.

We can call this movie torture porn which has the sensibility of 50 shades but it has not been able to live up to the expectations of being a spying thriller movie. The terrible Russian accent used by Jennifer Lawrence could not help the movie either.

Despite having the most loved faces in the movie, Red sparrow’s mind games are way too tiring and uninspiring. They do not arouse any suspense or thrill either.