Sanju: Unravelling the different shades of Sanjay Dutt’s life with a pinch of realistic drama!


One man, numerous lives is only a glimpse of a larger problem with regards to Sanjay Dutt. Rajkumar Hirani’s film shows a clear and exceptionally sensational look in this biopic of sorts.

The film begins off with Sanjay Dutt (Ranbir Kapoor) needing an writer for his biography even while he’s getting ready to surrender himself to the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Arms Act case. A film writer comes up short him hopelessly, so Sanju swings to a more settled author Winnie (Anushka Sharma) to pen his life story. His confessions and memories to Winnie are cozy and give us deep bits of knowledge into the highs and lows of his life, which is completely an exciting ride. Like any Rajkumar Hirani film, Sanju mixes humor with dramatization easily. While it doesn’t uncover much about the heroes’ marriages and relationships, but it tells the solid story of an unbreakable bond between a dad, son and his closest friend. Truth be told, Sanjay’s relationshio with his dad Sunil Dutt (Paresh Rawal) shapes the significant piece of this story and the absolute most emotional and touching minutes in the film have a place with them two.

Manisha Koirala as Nargis Dutt (Sanju’s mom) has a short part, however the scenes between the dad, mother and song move you to tears.

There’s additionally his closest friend Kamlesh (Vicky Kaushal) who’s a standout amongst the most essential characters in the story pattern and he leaves a strong effect. Maanyata (Dia Mirza) his wife’s role is felt ideal all through the film, however his previous marriages have not been talked about duly. The first half is to a great degree holding, with Sanju battling with his inner demons. The second half is spent on explaining his court cases and it repeats the prospect that he’s not a fear monger..

Ranbir Kapoor’s ability to step into the shoes of Sanjay Dutt, is what has made this movie a blockbusting hit. To express that he’s a mind boggling performing artist who fills Sanjay Dutt’s part with gravitas and spunk is quite evident. Another man that is praised for his stellar performance is, Vicky Kaushal. He stands tall and pulls off a radiant swing about as Ranbir’s closest best who remains by him like a pillar of strength.

AR Rahman, Rohan-Rohan and Vikram Montrose’s music sets the “Sanju” vibes right. Songs like Kar Har Maidan Fateh and Ruby add to the authenticity of the film. It has some incredible visuals and some great lyrics to dwell deep into the lifetime experience of Sanjay Dutt.