Secret Superstar Movie Review



The protagonist Insia is not a good student. Her class test scores are 30 out of 100, in the year of board exams, and struggles with trigonometry and science. Her books were put to use only when she stacked them to elevate the laptop to an apt. height to record YouTube videos. She isn’t portrayed as a nice girl. She always fantasizes to escape and leave her little brother behind. Insia mocks her mother and even slapped the only one boy at school who was nice to her.

The Advait Chandan’s film goes out predictable but the father here is sinisterly presented. Insia wishes to free her mother from the tormented and ill-willed marriage. Insia plans to send her father abroad so that the women can live peacefully for around 11 months of time but eventually it comes out that they cannot and they should not do this.

Being a very oblivious storyline, this simple film could surprise anyone in many small and large ways. The role of the girl is played by Zaira Wasim, who has worked in Dangal and her mother is Meher Vij who has played as the mother of the mute girl in Bajrangi Bhaijan. Insia’s father-Raj Arjun able turns himself to an unbelievable cruel hound who treats son like a child and daughter like a heavy liability.  The best performance in the movie is given by Chintan (Tirth Sharma), Insia’s admirer and her best friend. He possess the personality of a likeable, natural and energetic lad who keeps the film’s tempo from flagging.

Aamir Khan plays as Shakti Kumar, in a completely cartoonish fashion imitating Anil Kapoor from Taal and Kamaal R Khan. He is admired over the big screen not for cuteness but for the talent he possess. In the movie he declares that he’ll buy the front page to launch Insia out as he has seen the superstar hidden secretly inside her.

In India, people need more movies based on children. Though this one is not a perfect recommendation but still it is preferred to watch. In the movie a girl shares her email password with a young boy and explodes with shyness.