Star wars – The last Jedi; Ready to entertain you


Directed by Rian Johnson, The second movie of the Star wars franchise has finally released after 40 years since its original movie was released. The main characters in the movie are Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac.

Star wars: The last Jedi will take us to the galaxy far away as its previous part did. Especially, the opening credits, rolled across the screens are mesmerizing. The characters in the movie like the princess who wear jalebi like braids over her ears, the wise yoda who was not above a few cackles, the sables that used light to rattle, the white metal clad menacing army of storm-troopers, the Jedi masters The Darth Vader (who is known to be the lord of darkness in the movie) have brought the movie into life by their performances.

The expected action in the space, the extraordinary fights between the spaceships will take you to another level. In the last movie it was shown that Lucas had discovered the secret to the everlasting stickiness. When it comes to the comparison between the two movies, the 1977 Start wars and 2017 star wars: The Last Jedi, there has been a number of changes in the principal characters. Although, some of the scenes in the movie are exhausting. The last Jedi picks up from where the last one had left off.

Rey (Ridley) is seen on an island that he has sequestered himself. He has to save his galaxy and thus have a rebellion. The best thing about the last Jedi is that it behaves like a movie that is it moves.

Hamil is a solid and the scenes that were shot between Hamil and Ridley are very interesting and entertaining in the busy movie. Carrie Fischer passed away two early in the movie.

Ridley is a strong character in the movie that is strong, beautiful, is not afraid to be foolish and works for her way to wisdom. She has a worthy opponent in Adam Driver.

Earlier the only people you saw in the space were white. But this time there has been a major change and now you will find Asian and Black faces in the galaxy wars. The most frequently used word in the movie is ‘hope’. So, here’s hoping for even more inclusion. One must go and rate the second part of the franchise in your nearby theatres.