Tanushree Dutta targets Nana Patekar with fresh allegations stating “physical harm”

Tanushree accused Nana of “criminal intimidation” and “physical harm” after Nana was criticized for declaring her charges untrue in his statement.


Nana Patekar was the target of grave accusations made by Tanushree Dutta in 2018. The latter suffered criticism from political organizations, fans, and followers despite the MeToo movement in India.

Tanushree loops in Nana Patekar over murder conspiracy

Tanushree Dutta got angry at Nana Patekar, said this about the actor for years - नाना पाटेकर पर भड़कीं तनुश्री दत्ता, सालों बात एक्टर को लेकर कही ये बात

The erstwhile winner of Miss India Universe 2004 posted on Instagram, “How big a liar Nana Patekar is the whole world knows now after the Varanasi boy slapping incident. Nana first tried to made it look like to slap the kid was part of shoot & then he got severe public backlash for trying to cover up his abuse. Then he suddenly took a u turn & apologised half heartedly. Why take 6 years to respond to #metoo?? Il tell u why…because he knows dat I may be contemplating another FIR on Nana for conspiracy to murder, criminal intimidation & threat, stalking and cause physical harm. I went through severe harassment from unknown groups of people last few years. I was followed & stalked by strangers wherever I went. Freak Accidents and several attempts to poison me with various substances ensued relentlessly. There were a few attempts to corner me and manipulate me into dangerous situations with strangers too.”

Tanushree Dutta claims Nana Patekar has connection with the underworld

“A lot of weird stuff kept happening to me & around me & All of these people seemed like hired goons. The situations I was in and having to navigate through seemed very much like what SSR might have gone through but thank God I survived all this. No prizes for guessing who was behind all this given Nana’s criminal background. ( Nana proudly boasts in youtube interviews about being closely related to deceased underworld gangster Manya Surve). He thought that I would be dead by now according to his plan but I survived. And now he is scared and his supporters base in Bollywood has dwindled. All those who supported him are either bankrupt, lost their status or have sidelined him. People can see through his manipulations now and thus he comes up with another major gaslight,” Tanushree continued.

Dutta referred to Nana as a “pathological liar” once more in the post.

When Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar in 2008

In 2008, Tanushree had accused Nana of acting inappropriately and said that he had “tried to sexually abuse” her during the Horn Ok Please (2009) music scene. She said that even though Nana was supposed to be on set alone, the song was actually recorded with just one actor. Additionally, in 2008, she had lodged a complaint with the Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA). She shared in one of her interviews that, “He (Nana Patekar) called the MNS party to bash up my car. He was behind everything and was supported by choreographer Ganesh Acharya.”

Tanushree debuted in Bollywood with the film Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005), starring Emraan Hashmi and Sonu Sood. The last movie she appeared in theaters was Apartment (2010).