Tera Intezar Movie Review


The only attraction that Rajeev Walia’s Tera Intezar might have for some starved Indians is perhaps Sunny Leone as the lead. But, before you take a leap to your fantasy mode, here she is in a love-thriller-drama that drags for 120-minutes and doesn’t even offer a plausible plot.

The opening scene starts with Leone stretched out on the floor of a lavish home. She wakes up disheveled and looks at the walls of her gallery adorned with paintings as she dashes out in her car when another car with a man in blue, one more in a suit and a third one in black and a girl enter the same house but from another entrance as they start admiring the paintings. In another scene, four burglars are seen trying hard to stay afloat in seawater, searching for a boat to survive and finally they get marooned in an island where they visit an unoccupied bungalow in which the girl begins to feel the presence of “someone”. All this does not seem like a logical plot to you think of the following sequence of events that will leave you even more baffled.

Throughout the film the heroine is cluelessly running away, absolutely unsure of what is happening around her. Filled with one forgettable song after another, primarily depicting Veer and Ronak’s love story, Tera Intezaar is a story by Anwar Khan, with screenplay, editing and direction by Rajeev Walia and Arya Babbar is on his own trip performing in a totally different movie genre.

If you end up till the climax of this messy mystery, then brace yourself for a twist in the tale. The chemistry between Leone and Khan can be compared to an ice cube on a frozen lake.

Having said that, Leone in any film might still rekindle hopes of your sitting through the entire span of the film — she does inarguably look stunning.