The Zoya Factor: Dulquer saves the film


Right after seeing Sonam K Ahuja in “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Lagaa”, everyone was waiting for this rom-com centered on the cricket – “The Zoya Factor”. The film is really light on the message front ad boosted on the entertainment grounds might be your pick for this weekend.

Inspired by Anuja Chauhan’s bestseller of the same name, the screenplay of the film is quite predictable with a non-stop flow of situational laughs. Some of these land, many fail.

Depicting the true picture of cricket fandom in the country and blind superstitions related to the sport make this film funnier than it could be.

Sonam as Zoya Solanki, born on the day India won their first cricket World Cup in 1983, hates cricket but, being a junior copywriter at an ad-agency, finds herself handling a commercial that features players of the Indian team. Amid all the work, she finds herself attracted to the team captain Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan).

Speaking of blind superstition, somehow with some happenings, the players of the team and cricket board feels that Zoya is a lucky mascot for Team India, that her presence at the squad’s breakfast table on a matchday could ensure victory. While the rationalist Nikhil refuses to believe such claptrap, the news spreads. Soon, Zoya is India’s new cricketing messiah.

The drama, a lot of it takes the story forward, And then, comes typically Bollywood style melodrama of sowing misunderstanding between hero and heroine.

Though it is a situational comedy, you could find more humour in the way players have been imagined – the physical the appearance or the way they speak – kinds of resembles to some players of the Indian cricket team. Also, like every cricket film been made, you will find a Sikh player too.

It is a well-designed and directed film of cricket sequences by Director Abhishek Sharma and amazing editing by Utsav Bhagat of the scenes.

You might have had many expectations with Sonam as a lead in this film, she does not get the comedy right. You can clearly feel the overacting of the actor in some scenes – especially when she is required to be as a ditzy, out-of-depth PYT Zoya. Well, to be honest, this obviously affects the overall feel of the film.

But the real hero and the captain of the film – Dulquer Salmaan saves the film with his charming personality and acting on the screen.