Tumhari Sulu Movie Review


Bollywood has some unwritten, weird but sacred rules for its leading ladies. The idea of seeing a film with a female lead is repulsive to the audience. A heroine needs to flaunt a gym-toned bikini body. Vidya Balan has blatantly broken these rules many times in her film career spanning a decade plus years. There is no stopping her and ‘Tumari Sulu’ yet again manages to prove that.

Director Suresh Triveni has shown that a simple story can be narrated with true emotions. Vidya Balan yet again proves that talent has no restrictions. Her comic timing and finesse is impeccable. She is indeed the master of her craft. Take a bow, Manav Kaul, who portrays the role of Ashok with such ease. His chemistry with Vidya is inarguably authentic and his frustration at work is so genuine. Neha Dhupia also plays her part very well as the station head.

In Tumhari Sulu, Vidya plays a woman who is called Sulochana aka Sulu of Jal Padma Housing Society, Virar. She is a housewife whose life revolves around her husband and son but she is not afraid to dream big. Her self belief (‘‘main kar sakti hai’’ – I can do it) is what sets her apart. The plot revolves around her life-altering visit to a radio station that ends up in her hosting a late night talk show.

Post intermission the script does begin to flounder, particularly a subplot involving their son and his issues at school.But in all, Tumhari Sulu is truly a refreshing slice of life film which is simply relatable, endearing and worth the ticket price. It captures your attention and has a massive social message. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this soul stirring tale of a middle class housewife-cum-radio jockey. You will definitely leave the theatre with tears of joy!