Upcoming psychological thriller Tarot: Release date, time plot, and ensemble

An anthology series helmed by Ashbun and written by Kyung Min Sun, it will feature seven distinct horror tales connected by a deck of tarot cards.


Cho Yeo Jung and Park Ha Sun will star in the upcoming South Korean television series Tarot. A feeling of dread and suspense is created by the characters’ battles with their doomed fates, and each story culminates in a revelation regarding the mysterious and sinister force of tarot cards.

Every episode of the show features a brand-new, horrifying tale that will keep viewers up at night!


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Tarot will premiere on July 15, 2024, with new episodes airing every Tuesday and Monday. The Korean-language television program, which has seven episodes planned, will have English subtitles.

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The show will be streaming on U+mobiletv.


The show is a blend psychological horror, supernatural elements, and a hint of anthology and folklore.


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The seven interconnected stories that make up the captivating horror mystery series Tarot center on the discovery of a tarot card that, when opened, seals the recipient’s fate in a curse.

Every tale features a fresh main character who, in peculiar and frequently puzzling circumstances, discovers a special tarot card. Their destiny is entangled with a wicked curse that modifies their lives the instant they touch the card. The characters are forced to face their darkest fears, long-kept secrets, and the evil forces controlling their fates as a result of these cursed cards’ dark and twisting paths.


Jo Yeo Jeong, Park Ha Sun, Dex, Seo Ji Hoon and more to be part of horror  series Tarot | PINKVILLA: Korean

Every episode of the show features a main character and the cast includes big names of the industry such as Cho Yeo Jung, Park Ha Sun, Kim Jin Young or DEX, Ko Kyu Pil, Kyeong Rae, Seo Ji Hoon, Lee Joo Bin, Kim Seong Tae, Ham Eun Jung, Oh Yu Jin and Jung Young Joo among others.