US Embassy’s tweet on BTS Jin’s military discharge garners criticism from fans

The US Embassy in Seoul RT’d the tweet with their own photo shortly after the OT7 photo was released.


Criticism has been raised by netizens as US Embassy in Seoul tweeted about BTS Jin’s military discharge on June 12.

The group, excluding Suga greeted Jin with heartwarming presents and the tune of saxophone.

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After Jin was fired, all of the members—including Suga—got together at HYBE and shared the first OT7 picture since December of last year.

Some fans expressed their happiness and voiced their unease with the embassy’s statement, while others complimented Jin and felt it demonstrated his impact.


The embassy wrote, “Congratulations on completing your military service, #Jin. We look forward to seeing @BTS_twt continue to make a positive impact in and around the world. #WelcomeBackJin”

“Girl???? Back away slowly,” a user wrote on X. Another added, “The audacity after all the sht y’all put them through. LEAVE THEM ALONE! ask your “the next bts.” A third mentioned, “I really need to know why sk is so entitled, like it’s always take ,take and take , Mf what you give him, for his impact, couldn’t even provide safety in military to a point a nurse could inject him Fucking leeches.”

Someone wrote: “No more pressure or outside expectations. Let him do as he pleases for now and the future. And maybe it could be his choice to do so at the level before but not as a given or expectation please. They naturally make life easier for us all so maybe that’s what you meant though.” A fan stated, “We also look forward for everyone to not put any pressure on them. Let them create their own music, arts and pathway with ease. They’re artist. They’re @BTS_twt. But above all, they’re human beings with passion in music. Please support them with good intention.”

While another gave a subtle ultimatum, “He will do whatever he feels like. He already has a lot of impact on everyone’s lives so leave him alone. Respectfully.”
Lastly, a fan wrote, “thankyou for your well wishes but he and they will do whatever do want. they are not entitled to do anything for your country. so your country’s gov better not pressure them to do something. this time, he and the other 6 are serving like civilians and this time if your gov did+.”

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After serving honorably as a soldier, Jin will undoubtedly continue to work hard in her idol role, but some people felt the tweet was harsh.