Who Reigns Supreme? Who is the King of Cricket?

Determining the undisputed “King of Cricket” is an endless debate amongst fans.


In the realm of cricket, comparisons are not just common; they’re inevitable. From the legendary Donald Bradman to modern-day superstars like Virat Kohli, the sport has seen its fair share of kings ruling the pitch. Let’s delve into the saga of cricket’s monarchs and the contenders vying for the crown.

Donald Bradman, with his astronomical Test batting average of 99.94, set a standard that seemed insurmountable. His reign over the cricketing world was unparalleled, and his legacy remains unmatched to this day. Bradman’s era defined excellence, leaving subsequent generations in awe and aspiring to emulate his greatness.

In the 80s, Vivian Richards epitomized dominance in both Tests and ODIs, earning him the moniker of the ‘King of Cricket’. His swagger on the field and ruthless batting style left opponents trembling in his wake. Similarly, Sachin Tendulkar’s era saw him hailed as the king for his explosive stroke play and record-breaking feats in the 2000s.

In the contemporary cricketing landscape, Virat Kohli reigns supreme as the modern-day ‘King of Cricket’. Kohli’s journey from a young debutant struggling to find his place in the team to becoming a cricketing phenomenon is the stuff of legends. His maiden century against Sri Lanka in 2009 marked the beginning of a glorious career that would reshape the narrative of Indian cricket.

Kohli’s prowess with the bat transcends formats, with his ability to score runs consistently across all formats elevating him to legendary status. By the end of the decade spanning from 2010 to 2019, Kohli amassed a staggering 20,960 runs in 386 matches, boasting an average of 57.58. His tally of 69 centuries and 98 half-centuries is a testament to his unrivaled skill and determination.

Kohli’s statistical prowess is unmatched, with records tumbling at his feet with each passing milestone. He stands as the second-highest century-maker in international cricket, trailing only the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. In ODIs, Kohli ranks among the top run-scorers and century-makers, with a legacy that continues to grow with each match.

While Kohli holds court as the undisputed king, there are contenders waiting in the wings, eager to claim the title for themselves. Pakistan’s Babar Azam stands as a formidable challenger, with his remarkable run-scoring ability across formats drawing comparisons to Kohli. Australian maestro Steve Smith, with his Test average exceeding 60, is another contender vying for the crown.

As cricket’s perennial quest for supremacy unfolds, one thing remains certain: the legacy of its kings will endure for generations to come. Whether it’s Kohli’s relentless pursuit of greatness or the emergence of new contenders, the sport continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its tales of triumph and glory. And as the search for cricket’s next king continues, fans eagerly await the coronation of the chosen one who will etch their name in the annals of cricketing history.