Entera Global announces game-changing bulk actions customized for TallyPrime 3.0


  • Customized for Tally, the foremost accounting system in India, Entera Global stands as the industry trailblazer, introducing the revolutionary concept of bulk actions
  • At the forefront of innovation, Entera Global unveils a game-changing update, setting a new standard by making accountants’ tasks ten times more efficient

BENGALURU, India, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Entera Global, a pioneering provider of AI-driven software solutions for accountants for Tally system, has unveiled an innovative software update, striving to unify its system for managing complex accounting documents. By collaborating closely with numerous clients and over a hundred practicing accountants, Entera aims to streamline what’s known as bulk actions—a method where accountants handle not just one but upwards of 100 documents simultaneously.

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These advancements are tailored for India’s most prevalent accounting system, Tally. Ensuring accurate recognition and seamless upload of documents into Tally is paramount. The current existing on the market solutions allow for handling one document at a time. However, with this latest Entera update, accountants can now select up to 100 documents in one go, viewing a unified file with data refined to meet the company’s standards, all made feasible through Machine Learning based on previously entered data.

This bulk processing significantly expedites workflows; managing these 100 documents collectively is far swifter than the arduous one-by-one manual approach. Studies conducted by the company highlight a tenfold reduction in time spent on document processing through bulk actions. For instance, the average time to process an Indian document is approximately 10 minutes. Indian accounting firms typically manage from 1000 to 1500 documents monthly. Without Entera, handling 500 documents would consume 5000 minutes, equivalent to two working weeks. With the latest functionality, this processing time is condensed to two working days, allowing individuals to focus on more pivotal company tasks.

Furthermore, the software now includes features such as duplicate control and accurate final data recognition, factoring in discounts.

Dima Makhlin, Co-founder of Entera Global, emphasized, “Our primary goal in product development is to simplify accountants’ tasks through bulk action automation. Presently, documents can be sent directly from the scanner to the Entera system with a single keystroke. With these new features, accountants can seamlessly connect and upload to Tally within minutes, a stark contrast to the previously time-consuming process. We take pride in pioneering bulk action automation at the entry, upload to Entera, and notably, in the final document output to Tally.”

Nik Kruts, Сhief Business Development Officer Entera Global, highlighted, “Indian accounting documents pose considerable recognition challenges due to their complexity. Entera Global stands as the sole provider offering an AI-driven solution that comprehensively recognizes data, considering various business inputs such as discounts and tax types. Technologies like Machine Learning eliminate the need for middle-level managers to train newcomers on the company’s established practices. Entera itself suggests previously entered data and highlights areas needing attention, revolutionizing the workflow.”

About Entera Global

Entera Global, an international organization, provides software for automatic data entry into accounting systems to clients in Eastern Europe and the Middle East & North Africa. It leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, and cloud-based technologies.

At the heart of Entera Global’s success lies its team of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, driven by their passion for data-driven software. Through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), Entera automates the entire accounting data entry process: from document collection to data recognition, items matching, publishing into accounting systems, and digital storage for platforms such as Tally, Quickbooks, Zoho Books, 1C, and more.

Since the end of 2022, Entera Global has concentrated its efforts on business development in India, marking it as a key market for the company’s growth. We have helped more than 100 clients in India to make their business more efficient, fast and accurate leaving time for their families and personal development. Entera Global goes beyond being a solution provider, serving as a reliable partner offering unwavering support in any challenging situation.

Visit: https://enteraglobal.in/

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