Can listening to music while studying be fruitful? Expert decodes

Experts claimes that music can aid in the learning process if the choice of the genre is wisely made.


It’s typical for people to listen to music while studying; some think that this improves their ability to focus, while others find it to be a distraction.

In an Instagram reel, content producer Rajan Singh mentioned, “I know this answer will be controversial, but the answer is no.” He claims that listening to music while studying can cause working memory overload. There will be some sort of conflict because it seems like two channels are using the same frequency to communicate. You will so have more difficulty understanding.

Neha Parashar, clinical psychologist at Cadabams Mindtalk said, “Listening to music can have both positive and negative effects on cognitive function and focus. Research suggests that music can enhance mood and provide a motivating backdrop for tasks, potentially increasing cognitive performance through improved arousal and mood regulation.”

She does concur with Singh, though, that excessive loudness or lyrically sophisticated music might cause distraction from cognitive tasks that call for strong focus and memory processing, which can lower performance.

Genres of music conducive to studying

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According to Parashar, classical music—also known as the “Mozart effect”—is frequently mentioned in relation to its capacity to raise mental attention and concentration without producing a noticeable amount of distraction.

She added, “Ambient music and other genres with consistent, soothing rhythms are also beneficial as they lack sudden changes and complex elements that might divert attention.”

Some side effects 

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“Whether listening to music while studying is beneficial or detrimental depends on several factors, including the complexity of the study material, the lyrics and tempo of the music, the individual’s familiarity with the music, and their personal study habits,” stated Parashar.

For instance, listening to complicated or foreign music may make it difficult to comprehend information for linguistic or mathematical tasks. Conversely, comfortable and calming music may enhance productivity on monotonous or artistic activities by lowering stress and elevating mood.

Some people find that studying with music improves their mood and lessens feelings of loneliness, but for others, especially when serious concentration and critical thought are needed, music can be a distraction.