7 kdramas and TV shows featuring charismatic star Lee Min Ki

Having starred in plays as well as films since 2004, he has demonstrated his versatility by moving from a charming male lead to a menacing villain with ease.


The acting prowess and charisma of Lee Min Ki are evident in his roles in films and television series. Min Ki rose to fame as a popular actor, singer, and model and won hearts across the globe. Here are some of his best works.

1. Because This Is My First Life 

Because This Is My First Life episodes 13 and 14 live online: Watch secret  team up between Yoon Ji Ho and Go Jung Min - IBTimes India

This Lee Min Ki TV series centers on Nam Sae Hee (played by Lee Min Ki), a socially awkward computer designer who lives a monotonous life weighed down by a large mortgage and seems to be living on autopilot. Yoon Ji Ho, portrayed by Jung So Min, is a budding drama writer who is regrettably without a place to live because of a problem. When their paths eventually collide, they get married under contract.

2. Monster

Monster (2014)

The feisty Bok Soon, portrayed by Kim Go Eun, struggles to support herself and her younger sister while working as a street vendor. She is opposed by Tae Soo, portrayed by Lee Min Ki, a ruthless and unpredictable serial killer who painstakingly hides his tracks while carrying out gruesome killings that appear to have no reason. Tae Soo has a strong bond with his adoptive family, especially his older brother Ik Sang and stepmother Kyeong Ja, who took him in when he was a little child, despite his horrific acts. But their abuse of him makes him feel even more alone and hateful inside.

3. Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch: Netflix to launch K-drama 'Behind Your Touch' on August  12 - The Economic Times

Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min), a committed yet inquisitive veterinarian in Mujin, resides amidst a quiet rural community free of crime. Ye Bun experiences a strange turn of events that grants her psychometric skills, which let her glimpse into the past of both people and animals. Let us introduce Moon Jang Yeol, portrayed by Lee Min Ki, who is a driven and skilled detective who wants to rejoin the Seoul criminal investigation team. He views Ye Bun’s skills as a possible advantage and asks for her assistance in resolving situations.

4. Spellbound

Spellbound (2011)

Lee Min Ki’s character Ma Jo Goo is a magician who is always looking for new performers for his shows, while Son Ye Jin’s character Kang Yeo Ri is a ghost-seeer. Jo Goo feels Yeo Ri has the potential to be an interesting addition to his show the moment he meets her because of her weird atmosphere. They initially keep their relationship completely professional, but they quickly come to depend on one another and develop affections for one another.

5. Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside (2018)

Beauty Inside, a gripping story centered on renowned actress Han Se Gae (portrayed by Seo Hyun Jin), is based on the popular original film The Beauty Inside. She struggles with a strange illness that alters her appearance once a week. Seo Do Jae (played by Lee Min Ki), an intelligent airline executive with prosopagnosia (a disability that stops him from recognizing faces), is the person opposite her. Despite the challenges presented by her particular situation, Han Se Gae and Seo Do Jae’s paths eventually cross and a blossoming passion develops.

6. For the Emperor

Watch For the Emperor | Netflix

The story of two men navigating a cunning and ambitious world of gambling and ambition, where victory means survival and the opportunity to become emperors, is gripping and powerful in For the Emperor. While Park Sung Woong plays Sang Ha, the head of Busan’s powerful financial company Imperial Capital, Lee Min Ki plays Lee Hwan, a man whose life is characterized by adversity and struggle. Actress Lee Tae Im plays the attractive and seductive CEO who is the main female character, which heightens the mystery.

7. My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes' review: A mature, empathetic K-Drama that keeps you  wanting more - The Hindu

Lee El, Lee Min Ki, and Kim Ji Won portray the Yeon Siblings, who are ensnared in the ordinary cycle of existence. While the middle sibling wanders aimlessly without direction and the youngest yearns for an escape from the routine of everyday life, one yearns for love and searches for the perfect partner. Enter Mr. Gu (played by Son Suk Ku), an enigmatic outsider that their father has employed to turn around their faltering company. Even though Mr. Gu battles alcoholism and has a quiet life, his entrance awakens the siblings from their initial stance.