Is Grey’s Anatomy’s Jake Borelli quitting next season? This is what report indicates 

The show’s well-known homosexual love story was made possible by Borelli’s portrayal of gay physician Levi Schmitt.


The creators of the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy are in talks with Jake Borelli, who has been a regular for the past five seasons, to conclude his character development in the upcoming season.

Is Jake Borelli’s farewell verified?

Jake Borelli Set to Depart from 'Grey's Anatomy' After 7-Year Run: Latest Update

Deadline confirms Borelli’s departure from the program, even if he might make a cameo appearance in the upcoming season to wrap up his plot. The series’ seasoned actors have seen a decrease in their episodic guarantee ever since its linear ratings started to drop.

Deadline was informed by sources that the cast has been harmed by the budget drop, which means that the next seasons may contain fewer episodes. The actors on the show get paid for each episode, negotiable with each new season. However, it is anticipated that all incomes will decrease as a result of financial issues.

Borelli’s historic role

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In the 14th season of the show, the actor portrayed Levi Schmit, a medical intern. In the 21st season of the program, Borelli’s character has advanced to the rank of senior resident and is collaborating with the incoming class of interns at Grey Sloan Memorial.

On the show, Dr. Schmitt had a variety of storylines, ranging from coping with grief after losing a patient to managing his friendship with colleague physician Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi). This season features Schmit meeting Nico, who is going to become a surrogate mother and is seeing another man.

Furthermore, because of its LGBTQ portrayal, Borelli’s character will always hold a special place in people’s hearts and on the program. The first gay romance between two doctors on the show began with his relationship with Nico.