Bollywood backs Vidya Vox amid ‘Sundari’ video criticism


Vidya Vox’s latest music video ‘Sundari’ has stirred criticism for its attention-grabbing approach. The highly anticipated video has left some disappointed, questioning the artistic direction taken by the singer. The visual representation in ‘Sundari’ seems to have fallen short for some, resulting in negative feedback and disillusionment within the music community.

Critics have highlighted that the video’s focus on bold visuals and storytelling may have overshadowed the music’s core essence. While Vidya Vox is renowned for blending Indian classical music with contemporary Western sounds, ‘Sundari’ appears to have departed from her usual style, disappointing some music enthusiasts.

Despite the backlash, Vidya Vox’s talent for provoking strong reactions and engaging her audience remains evident. The nature of the music video has sparked conversations about the limits of creativity in music videos and the delicate balance between artistic expression and expectations.

Interestingly, Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has previously expressed his admiration for Vidya Vox. In 2018, he shared her ‘Lean On’ mashup on Twitter, praising her amazing voice. Photos also emerged of Roshan posing with the singer, highlighting his appreciation for her talent.

Renowned Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar believes Vidya Vox deserves a fair chance to make a comeback. He praised her unique spunk-filled style and talent, stating that while he hasn’t seen the new video, she’s a significant part of the music scene who should be given an opportunity to prove herself.

It remains to be seen how Vidya Vox will handle the mixed response to ‘Sundari’ and whether this will impact her future projects and appearances. The music video has unquestionably evoked emotions and raised questions about captivating an audience versus missing the mark.