Vickyy Kohhli releases new inspiring song Muskurale with Sadhana Sargam


To inspire people during this tough time of Coronavirus pandemic, the talented singer Vickyy Kohhli has come out with a new melodious and soothing song along with the famous Bollywood singer Sadhana Sargam.


Titled Muskurale, the number has an interesting video with montage shots of various places in and around India and depicting a cross-section of people and communities living in peace and harmony. The video is accompanied by lyrics embedded in Hindi.

“Together we will come out stronger from this pandemic of lockdowns, hunger and poverty,” says Vickyy, who is confident of the world having the strength to fight against this tough time. Composed and written by Vickyy Kohhli, the music for Muskurale has been beautifully arranged by Rajib, Mouna and Sajid, with the video masterfully edited by Karan Channey and Tanveer Babu.

While the film industry is going through a very financially damaging phase, the music industry may revive first, as songs can be sung, composed and mixed with minimal physical interactions.

In fact, a lot of Bollywood actors like Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham have also come out with special motivational videos in the last few weeks, and Vickyy feels this kind of music goes a long way in giving people strength and hope. Meanwhile, new normals are fast setting in, and songs like Muskurale prove they are ahead of the curve.