Zakir Khan’s comedy-shayari show to replace Kapil Sharma’s programme slot on TV

After serving as a mentor on the fifth season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2017, this is Khan’s second appearance on television.


The Great Indian Kapil Show, the comedian’s move to streaming services, debuted in 2024 after The Kapil Sharma Show ended its broadcast on television last year. The TV show Madness Machayenge-India Ko Hassayenge, which included star Huma Qureshi as a regular guest, momentarily filled the gap created by the departure of the previous program. It did not, however, fare as well with viewers, and according to recent rumors, the channel has added comedian Zakir Khan to help bridge the void with a new initiative.

Madness Machayenge-India Ko Hassayenge

According to a source in close proximity to the development spoke with Hindustan Times and said, “Zakir’s show will have a mix of shayari and comedy, which is typical Zakir style. The comedian has built his own audience that connects with his shayarana side and with this show, he aims to reach a wider audience. Currently, Madness Machayenge is running on air and is soom expected to wrap up. Zakir’s show is expected to air from August on TV. Along with Zakir’s shayari and comedy, the show will also have Bollywood guests as it used to happen on Kapil’s show too.”

Zakir hosted the comedic non-fiction program Farzi Mushaira on OTT, combining comedy and shayari with well-known guests.

Rumor has it that low TRPs were the reason behind the recent wrapping of filming for Kapil’s OTT show. The crew, however, disregarded the rumors in a video they published and unveiled the future cast of Heeramandi, which featured American singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran along with actors Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor, among others.

The TV show Madness Machayenge, which took Kapil’s position, was criticized by director Karan Johar for his repulsive impersonation on the show. Finalizing the guest list for Zakir’s performance is still pending.